Classroom Guidance

Students will receive Classroom Guidance lessons throughout the year.

Social Thinking:

Mrs. Gill and Mrs. Rubinic (Speech and Language Pathologists) are working with  Mrs. Chartrand to implement monthly classroom lessons on Social Thinking topics to grades K, 1, and 2. Social Thinking curriculum was developed by Michelle Garcia Winner. It allows students to understand the importance of being a part of a group, and the idea that their thoughts and actions impact the way in which others think of them. Some of the topics covered this year are: Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings, The Group Plan, Whole Body Listening, and Body in the Group.


Third grade students are learning the benefits of being mindful. Mindfulness has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve relationships, and improve class participation. Students learn what it means to be mindful in their everday lives. This can be as simple as taking time to enjoy the flavors of the food that you're eating, or listening intently to a friend who is speaking. Students are encouraged to practice being mindful every day.


Fourth grade students are learning about bullying. We are reading a three-part series which tells a story from three perspectives (the victim, the bystander, and the bully). Students are learning the definitions of each of these terms, and strategies that they can use in each circumstance. Students learn the difference between bullying, teasing, and someone who is having a disagreement. Students are encouraged to report bullying, and Dr. Hanley will be visiting classrooms after lessons have been completed to reinforce this process!