School counselors provide support for students during the school day as needed. School Counseling differs from Mental Health Counseling in that the focus is based on a students’ ability to be successful throughout his/her school day.  If you feel that your child would benefit from additional counseling outside of school, I am happy to provide resources.  

Students access the school counselor for many reasons. Below are some examples of what students may discuss with the counselor:

Friendship -

Peer conflicts often interrupt student learning time. Students may seek support from the counselor to help solve a conflict, or to provide support making or keeping a friend. When solving peer conflicts, I use a collaborative problem solving approach. I assist students to find the words that they need and assist them to navigate the steps of problem solving. It is my hope that with some facilitation, students will learn the strategies they need to solve problems independently.


Transitions -

School Counselors assist with student transitions. This can be into a new school, a new grade, or a new classroom. Students may feel nervous or anxious, and can work through these feelings and learn strategies from the counselor. Counselors help to make students feel safe and successful.


Changes in Family-

Family dynamics can change throughout a student's elementary school life. When these challenges interfere with student learning, students may need support from the counselor. Some of these topics may include divorce, remarriage, new sibling, death of a family member, etc. Having a safe person to share some challenges at home can help students to express feelings and develop healthy coping strategies.


School Success-

Tests, homework, classwork, activities, reading, writing, math....! Students can feel overwhelmed with the workload at school sometimes, and school counselors can offer ways to help students remain organized and stay positive about school. Above all else, students should develop a love of learning during these formative years and acquire tools to become successful students!